Saih Rawl Airport Passenger Lounge
Passenger Lounge, Siah Rawl Airport, Oman

We Serve the World

The world is WHEATLEY's territory. No location is too remote for us to serve. Timely and cost-effective performance is Wheatley's goal. Professional skills, time and resource management are WHEATLEY's tools. Please contact us and we will send you project profiles highlighting markets and clients we have served that are relevant to your concerns. Together with our WHEATLEY GLOBAL PARTNERS (SM), we can provide resources at the right time, in the right place, to resolve the problems on your project.

Siah Rawl Power Plant, Oman
Map of Oman Showing Saih Rawl Site
What Sets Us Apart

We strive to provide professional service in an efficient manner. THE WHEATLEY COMPANIES (SM) respond quickly to your emergencies. "Fire drills" are our speciality. We charge appropriately for our services. We combine the efficiencies of a small firm with the depth of resources of a large firm through WHEATLEY GLOBAL PARTNERS (SM). Our clients know us as consummate professionals. They rely on us. they know that we don't "churn" - we don't generate billable hours just for the sake of generating billings. We burn only, but all of, the hours necessary to get the job done right.
We often work on a billing basis other than billable hours.

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