Security, Protection and Intelligence Services, Technology and Products, including Explosives Detection Products

Raptor Detection Technologies, LLC

Wheatley SPI, LLC, an affiliate of Wheatley US Limited and a member of The Wheatley CompaniesSM, provides services, systems, technology and products for security, protection and intelligence, with its own forces and through strategic partners.

Services available include site security analysis, planning and implementation, including site protection personnel; executive travel security and protection; surveillance; and intelligence to assist our clients in decision making.

We can procure or provide technology and products to enhance site and personal security. We are authorized distributors for Raptor Detection Technologies, LLC, which manufactures innovative, effective and economical explosives detection products for first responders and security checkpoints, targeting government programs as well as the private security market. Our detection kits have been thoroughly tested by the US Department of Defense ("DOD") with zero false positives and zero false negatives, and have been designated by the Department of Homeland Security ("DHS") as a "Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology."

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Wheatley SPI, LLC, supports volunteer veterans for charity climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro

PHILADELPHIA, PA -- (January 8, 2013) ­ Wheatley SPI, LLC, affiliate of Philadelphia area firm Wheatley US Limited, today announced its support of a fundraising project for veterans to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa with an elevation of more than 19,000 ft. at the summit, almost 3.6 miles. Participants will include some partially disabled veterans. A substantial portion of the proceeds, after the expenses of the climb, will go to fund projects like Philadelphia Veterans Comfort House in Philadelphia and Military Assistance Project (MAP). Read More