Raptor Detection Technologies Awarded Contract to Supply SAFE-T Explosive Detection Products, distributed by Wheatley SPI, LLC, to US Army

September 20, 2011

COLUMBIA, MD - Raptor Detection Technologies, LLC announced today that it has been contracted to supply its line of "Substance Activated Fast Evaluation Technology" (SAFE-T) products to the United States Army Armament, Research, Development, and Engineering Command. The contract vehicle is with SOSSEC, Inc., a consortium of homeland security and technology firms of which Raptor is a member. The award comes one month after Raptor was awarded a significant contract by the US Navy's Explosive Ordnance Division (NAVEOD).

"This new award confirms the Army's support of Raptor's SAFE T products and the Company's ability to successfully bring SAFE T products to full operational readiness with a goal of becoming a program of record," said Dr. Jonathan Gluckman, General Manager and Executive Vice President of Raptor. "The detection capability we are developing jointly with the Army will enhance greatly the ability of our warfighters to meet the global terrorist threat."

According to Dr. Gluckman, Raptor will continue the spiral development program with the Army designed to expand the detection library and attract participation of other key Government agencies involved in counterterrorism.

Raptor's SAFE-T products are based on a patented nanotechnology called molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPs). MIPs are capable of selectively sensing microscopic amounts of explosives or other molecules that are dangerous for humans and the environment, such as toxins, chemical agents, biological agents, pesticides, poisons, and explosives. Initially developed at The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (JHU/APL), Raptor's SAFE T MIPs produce a dramatic color change reaction that is visible with the naked eye when they detect target molecules – such as dangerous materials used in terrorist attacks. If a trace amount of explosive material is present on a person's skin, or finger, for example, it may capture a visible, colorful fingerprint when it touches MIP material. This color change is visibly detectable within seconds of exposure.

Raptor's SAFE T MIPs are also available to law enforcement, security and first responders. SAFE-T products can be purchased in various forms, including SAFE-T SPRAY and SAFE-T WIPES. A Trace Collection Wipe is also available that is used in conjunction with SAFE-T SPRAY. Kits are available and are configured to meet the specific requirement of the customer.

SAFE-T MIPs are robust, stable and can be used in harsh environments. Additionally, they are inexpensive, safe to produce and can be sprayed, printed or spin-coated into commercial devices for the detection of a wide range of substances, compounds and biological agents. Other potential uses for SAFE-T MIPs include aviation and public transit security, access control and incorporation into event tickets. The incremental costs are low, creating a viable alternative to expensive equipment that requires power, maintenance and ongoing recalibration and extensive training.

"We are extremely proud to support the Army's critical mission and provide them with products and technology that will assist in the defense of our nation," added Dr. Gluckman. "Detection of trace explosives is as simple as looking for a visible color change when the SAFE-T Wipe or Spray is used. Our goal is to help our men and women in uniform perform their jobs as efficiently and safely as possible."

About Wheatley SPI and Raptor Detection Technologies

Wheatley SPI, LLC (Wheatley SPI) and Raptor Detection Technologies, LLC, are strategically positioned to meet the needs of both government and private sector entities that require security solutions. Raptor's SAFE-T line of products and other technologies, distributed by Wheatley SPI, offer robust detection and forensics collection solutions as tested by world-renowned universities and the US Government. Wheatley SPI and Raptor Detection Technologies are dedicated to the continued development of products with enhanced capability and solutions that meet the needs homeland security, first responders, and private security firms.