MIP Technology

What Are The Benefits?

Because of their lock-and-key nature, SAFE-T® MIPs are highly accurate and do not produce false alarms. Only molecules of the target substance can be attracted into the SAFE-T® MIP matrix, a highly cross-linked, stable and robust polymer chain. The specified molecules bind in two places to the polymer chain, forming a rigid three-dimensional structure. The exclusivity with which MIPs bind to molecules allows Raptor Detection Technologies to include SAFE-T® MIPs for a number of different substances in the same Wipe, Spray or other deployment devices. Each type of SAFE-T® MIP seeks out its own target and displays a visual indicator if and when target molecules are encountered and captured.

SAFE-T® MIPS are inexpensive to produce and deploy. Because they are so intrinsically stable, they can function in extreme environments where other trace detection systems fail. SAFE-T® MIPs can be implemented in many different ways, and readings can be done continuously until the desired substance is detected.

While the primary initial use of SAFE-T® MIPs has been for the detection of explosives and explosive components, SAFE-T® MIPs technology is adaptable for the detection of many other types of molecules, including spores and molecular proteins associated with biological agents.

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