MIP Technology

What Are MIPs?

Raptor Safe-T Wipes

A molecularly imprinted polymer, or MIP, is a microscopic chemical structure that is custom-formulated through nanotechnology to detect even the slightest trace of a specific targeted molecule.

In its construction, a MIP resembles a jigsaw puzzle, with tightly interlocking pieces and a single vacant edge where only a uniquely shaped piece could be inserted. From another standpoint, the MIP is analogous to a lock waiting for an intricately fashioned key that would fit no other opening.

Each SAFE-T® MIP is designed to capture and electrochemically bind only with a molecule of a particular substance that will fit into the space created to receive it—and then generate a visual signal to indicate that substance's presence. By creating a color change, SAFE-T® MIPs can alert investigators to materials associated with an explosive, biological or other threat.

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