MIP Technology

How Are MIPs Made?

In effect, a MIP is a plastic cast or mold into which a molecule of only a very specific shape will fit, binding tightly, both mechanically and electrochemically. Raptor, whose products are distributed by Wheatley SPI, employs a patented process combining polymer molecules with the molecules of a particular target substance—anything from TNT to Sarin—along with a reagent shaped to attach to the molecules of the target. The result is a polymer matrix in which the polymer "framework," the reagent and the target molecule, all interlock. Then the target molecule is washed out in the manufacturing process, leaving a template space in the polymer matrix that bears the imprint of the targeted molecule.

When MIPs come in contact with the target for which they were designed, they attract and immediately bind with the target molecules, transforming the color of a MIP-sprayed surface or a MIP-embedded wipe.

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