MIP Technology

Detect Hidden Threats with a Simple Wipe or Spray


With one swipe, a SAFE-T® Wipe from Wheatley SPI, manufactured by Raptor, turns orange, signaling the presence of a specific class of explosive trace residue on the handle of an airline bag.

With one stand-off application, a soldier uses SAFE-T® Spray to detect and identify trace explosives on a suspicious vehicle at a checkpoint. The spray immediately creates a visible color change on the door handle.

Without profiling or impact on the fan experience, a sporting event security officer watches the SAFE-T® film on the admission ticket turn dark red, instantly indicating that the holder has touched a potentially threatening substance.

Without wasting the costly and limited response capability of EOD or Bomb Squads, a first responder is able to quickly and effectively use a SAFE-T® Wipe or Spray to conduct a threat assessment and test on an unattended package.

Within seconds, every time, on any person or object, anywhere, Raptor's SAFE-T® Detection Technologies produces visible indicators of threats to safeguard citizens, transportation systems and critical infrastructure.

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