Applications for SAFE-T® Detection Products, distributed by Wheatley SPI

Not just a bag of rice

In May, 2010, near New York's Times Square, a car bomb packed with black powder and 250 pounds of urea nitrate fertilizer, along with gallons of propane and gasoline, failed to explode, averting the kind of tragedy that has become an increasing danger every day in America and around the world.

This near disaster followed the attempted 2009 Christmas Day bombing of an airliner over Detroit and preceded the discovery of two U.S.-destined PETN bombs on flights originating in Yemen in October, 2010.

SAFE-T® solutions, distributed by Wheatley SPI from Raptor, can play a central role in deterring these kinds of threats, helping law-enforcement uncover the presence of explosives in suspicious vehicles and packages and on the hands and clothing of suspected criminals before a terrorist plot can erupt in disaster.

Detection of explosives is one important use of Raptor's products, distributed by Wheatley SPI, for thwarting crimes, acts of terrorism and gathering evidence.┬áSAFE-T® products, however, offer a wide range of other opportunities as well to many agencies, industries and facilities, including these current and future applications:

  • Homeland security
    • Confirming the presence of explosives on objects and suspects
  • Military forces
    • Discovering landmines, improvised explosive devices and structures containing explosives
  • Law enforcement
    • Detection of gunshot residue as evidence
    • Bomb squads analyzing situations relating to suspicious packages and other potential threats
    • S.W.A.T. teams checking for explosives from a distance
    • First responders conducting threat assessments and post blast investigations
    • Drug Enforcement examining buildings, objects, currency and people
    • Evidence-gathering from suspects
    • Fraud detection
  • Transportation
    • Security checks of baggage, passengers and shipments at airports, train stations, bus depots, mass-transit stations
    • Security checks of boarding passes
    • Evaluating tampered cargo
  • Medical
    • Detection of biological threats to facilities and communities
    • Discovering and monitoring the spread of viruses
  • Event/venue security
    • Detecting explosive residue on admission tickets at sports events, movies, plays, concerts, festivals and other public gatherings.
    • Examining stadium and arena seating and food areas for threatening substances
  • Environmental safety
    • Detecting the presence of airborne toxins
    • Detecting dangerous pollutants
  • Treasuries and mints
    • Detecting counterfeit and evidential substances on currency
  • Public and private businesses
    • Identifying infringements and intrusions
    • Detecting substances to protect employees and customers
    • Helping ensure employees comply with policies regarding drugs and firearms