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Andre C. McCoy

Andre C McCoy is a Corporate Executive with over 25 years of operations; management and leadership experience at the domestic and global levels.

His diverse background is based on a European-American education and highlighted with an MBA in International Business. Within functional areas, some of his specific responsibilities included: management of direct and indirect reports, profit and loss statements, launching sales and marketing campaigns, business development, client relationship management, project management/implementation and cloud based processes. This scale cuts across several industries from small privately held to Global 100 organizations in the Finance and Wealth Management (UBS Financial Services, Medford Financial), Defense (Enlisted Marines, Army Officer) and Information Technology (AT&T Global Markets, Nortel Networks) sectors.

Andre has a results-driven understanding and has participated in tactical objectives (i.e. operating processes and business development) nested with strategic goals (i.e. economic development) and national policy directives (i.e. security and stability) from start ups and fire teams to joint international divisional elements and business units.

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